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Treats Dry & Dull Lips, Lip Lines, Water, Anti Ageing, Hydrating, Moisturising, Firming, Anti Wrinkle
Reduces Wrinkle Lines, Gives Smoother Firmer Skin, Improves Hydration Protecting Against Premature Ageing
Whitens Dark Areas, Removes Dead Skin Cells, Clarifies Attenuates Surface Stains & Balances Skin Tone, Components Easily Absorbed By Penetrating Deep Into The Skin
Provides Collagen For A Fuller Lip Look.
To apply first clean and dry your lips. Open the pouch and remove a mask. Place the mask of lips and smooth out. This helps the mask to cover the entirety of the lips. Leave on for 15 minutes. Remove the mask and rub in any excess product.


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